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Should schools be allowed to ban skirts? Photo: Milk and Honey Creative, Getty Images

Who wears short skirts? Not the girls at St. Aidan's Church of England High School in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, England.

The school has instituted a ban on skirts for female students under the age of 15 on the grounds that revealing their bare legs puts them "at risk," the Daily Mail reports.

Set to go into effect this September, the ban will force girls below Year 11 to wear pants, while those in Year 11 can wear skirts that are no higher than three inches above the knee, according to the paper.

Oh, and kids -- jeans, cords, cotton drill, and "hipster-style" trousers are also reportedly a no-no.

Despite some criticism from parents, the school has reportedly cited safety concerns as the impetus behind the ban, which comes after school officials claim seeing students hike up their skirts to inappropriate levels.

"Very young children, and even more disturbingly, special needs children are clearly wholly unaware of the signals they are giving out," reads a statement on the school's Web site.

"Parents who have come in have been astonished to see the difference between the length their daughter may wear her skirt as she leaves home and what has happened by the time she is walking the corridors of the school.

"It does not need much imagination to understand where and in what situation the children are placing themselves 'at risk.'

"The first duty of care in any school is to keep the children safe."

The Web site notes that the school has had a mostly positive response from parents and that "there is little to do with schools that is more contentious than school uniform."

"The world has moved on," the statement from headmaster Dennis Richards adds. "It is bizarre in 2010 to see wearing trousers as 'some form of punishment.' It is merely a change of uniform.

"We are not naïve. We will no doubt have problems with trousers. Our perception is that they will be of a different kind -- they will not be about safety."

So, is the school right to ban skirts if it's in the interest of safety? Or is this just another dress-code power trip? Leave a comment!

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