CND's long lasting Shellac. Courtesy Photo

The buzz on nails is bold blues and greens, sizzling metallics and chip-free manicures. Read on to discover the latest nail polish trends of the season.

Acrylics have become passe. Salon manicures that chip within days are a thing of the past. You can put the pains of buffing, fills and smudged manis behind you. The hottest trend in nails is UV gel polish and hybrids. Thanks to products like CalGel, CND Shellac and OPI Axxium women are indulging in manicures that last for two to three weeks with no chipping, dulling or tip wear.

Unlike traditional polish, the gel and hybrid nail polishes cure under a UV lamp and dry instantly. You can grab your keys, shove your hands in your pocket, even put on your shoes without worrying about dents. Can you imagine the possibilities beyond this summer? Winter pedicures that don't leave your feet freezing in flip flops (!).

The unique formulation keeps the finish glossy and scratch free until it's removed. Of course you have to live with your color of choice for at least two weeks so make it a good one. (And wear sunscreen to protect your hands from the UV rays).

Orly, Essie and OPI's takes on the vivid green trend. Courtesy Photo

OPI put it best by naming their spring green polish Jade Is The New Black. Mint may have been all the rage last year but this season kelly and grass green are having their moment. It's time to ditch those typical bright summer pinks and sweet spring sheers for something bold and fun. Major brands like Essie, Orly and Sally Hansen have also included vivid greens in their seasonal collections turning a color that used to get sideways stares into a must-have shade.

Granted green can be an intimidating color to wear so if you're apprehensive, ease in by wearing it on your toes before bringing it into the spotlight on your hands.

Looking for inspiration? Green Celebrity Nail Stylist Jenna Hipp nailed the trend when she applied SpaRitual Emerald City on Lauren Conrad for the March 2010 issue of Seventeen. Other shades to try: Orly Wandering Vine, Essie Pretty Edgy, Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Spring Green, China Glaze Four Leaf Clover.

Zoya's Sparkly Collection. Courtesy Photo

Gold, silver and bronze nails always look hot against a faux glow but metallic polishes are traditionally streaky leaving brush marks in their wake. The new metallics have a foil finish, eliminating the uneven look that plagued this type of lacquer in the past. Foil finish polishes take metallic to a whole new level. They are the closest you can get to a mirror-like finish with polish and now they're coming out in a slew of colors.

OPI included strawberry and sea green foils in their Summer Flutter collection and the Zoya Sparkle collection is nothing but foils ranging from pink to green to purple.

For the true metallic lover look no further than the Orly Foil FX collection. With a true yellow gold, sparkling silver and soft rose gold it's the perfect way to bring a little bling to the beach, no jewelry required.

The key to wearing this look is choosing the shade that best compliments your skin tone. Follow the same rules you would when choosing jewelry. Cool tones opt for silver and pewter shades, warm tones will look best wearing yellow gold, rose and bronze hues.

Last December the color experts at Pantone deemed turquoise the color of the year and it's been popping up on runways and

Turquoise tips on the runway at Jean Paul Gaultier S/S 2010 Couture. Photo: Getty Images

red carpets ever since. It wasn't just the clothes that were making a statement on Jean Paul Gaultier's S/S 2010 Couture runway, the nails definitely demanded attention. You couldn't help but notice the models' bold turquoise talons. Meanwhile, Queen Latifah was spotted last week wearing Ginger + Liz Boy Toy, a Tiffany blue creme. Other turquoise shades to try: China Glaze For Audrey, butter LONDON Henley Regatta, Models Own Top Turquoise.

There's no point in deliberating over what nail color to wear if you don't have a perfect canvas to display it. Pull out those files and get your tips in order. Summer is an active time so you need nails at a length that won't easily break. Square nails are dated and squoval feels slightly masculine. The shape seen backstage at the Tracy Reese Spring 2010 show was tapered and more oval than we've seen in years past so aim for a short and slightly rounded nail.

From extended life manicures to the boldest of hues to glittering metallics, this season is a nail fanatic's dream come true.

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