The Fashion Calendar's Ruth Finley. Photo: Courtesy of

Imagine keeping a datebook for hundreds of fashion designers, particularly during fashion season.

It's a potentially mind-blowing proposition. Yet, for 65 years Ruth Finley has done just that with the Fashion Calendar, a central clearinghouse for just about every event taking place in the industry.

"It's a magical calendar that she organizes and has immortalized her," designer and former CFDA president Stan Herman said Tuesday evening, at the Accessories Council's Hall of Fame tribute to Finley. "She brought honesty and order to our disorganized industry."

The event, which took place in the Marchon eyewear showroom on the south side of New York's Bryant Park, drew a small crowd of well-wishers.

The diminutive Finley was dressed in a butter yellow Chado Ralph Rucci suit and admitted she does still control the fashion industry. ""I do," she told StyleList. "I work very closely with IMG too."

The coming move of fashion week to Lincoln Center is no big deal, she admitted. "We had fashion week in the '50s with Eleanor Lambert at a hotel," she said, so Bryant Park "wasn't that much of a transition because I'd been involved in the 1950s." She expects Lincoln Center to be much of the same. "It's really exciting. It will be about the same (level of participation) except for the big events – they might use some of the bigger venues," Finley shared.

After some heartwarming remarks from two of Finley's three sons, she took the microphone with a warning. "After this honor was announced, I was asked if I might be planning to retire," she said. "I'm too young to retire."

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