What do you get when you hire the "sexiest woman in the world" to star in your commercial?

A big fat "no" from the censors because the ad is, um, too sexy. Doh.

Luckily, we can show you this banned Guitar Hero: World Tour ad starring Victoria's Secret model Marisa Miller.

As our brother site Asylum UK reports, the ad, filmed in 2008, was deemed too racy "due to the game's rating compared to the nature of the spot."

And by "nature of the spot," they mean the fact that Miller -- shown in clone form -- is gyrating to Bob Seger while wearing a scandalous selection of bras, panties, and even a corset.

Where's a button-down oxford and some tighty whities when you need them?

We don't know how to pity more -- Marisa, for failing to follow in Heidi Klum's Guitar Hero footsteps, or all those teenage boys who didn't get an eyeful of this raunchy "jam session."

Warning: This video contains mature content.

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