The Sears Personal Shopper Mobile App. Photo: iPhone App Store

Surely you've noticed the deluge of mobile shopping apps and Facebook fan pages popping up on daily basis.

As reported in WWD, Sears' mobile application that enables consumers to photograph a coveted item for personal shoppers to seek out on their behalf resulted in at least one pizza order - something not found in Sears stores, its websites or even among the 12 million items sold through its marketplace of merchandise from other retailers.

So it seems, retailers are willing to do almost anything to grab your attention and your disposable income, even if that means catering to your hunger pangs.

Fashion and beauty brands are in on the novelty of mobile apps too. And they know the lengths you'll go to to get your hands on a pair of coveted shoes.

Jimmy Choo sent shoppers scurrying through the streets of London on its "Catch a Choo" scavenger hunt for a $600 trainer shoe using FourSquare, a location-based mobile social network and game. The result was 4,000 participants, a 40 percent increase in positive comments posted online and a 33 percent rise in sneaker sales, David Griner, social media strategist at media agency Luckie & Co, told WWD.

Estée Lauder Cos. launches about 100 websites per year, making sure each one is locally-minded. For each of their 29 brands, content and strategy are tailored to specific groups of consumers.

And we didn't think shopping could get any easier.

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