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Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe to launch her own namesake collection. Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris, Getty Images

In a move that was pretty much inevitable, celebrity stylist and reality TV star Rachel Zoe has announced that she will be launching an eponymous fashion line for Fall 2011, according to WWD.

The Rachel Zoe Collection hasn't gone into production yet, but will be designed under a deal with LF USA and will encompass apparel, accessories, shoes, and possibly home décor down the line.

"Subconsciously or consciously, my whole final goal -- I don't want to say final because that sounds very like it's the end -- but I would say my ultimate dream scenario was to be on the design side," Zoe, in her signature Valley Girl mannerism, told WWD in an exclusive interview.

"You will definitely see me in the clothes. Like, you will absolutely see my trademark pieces. I'll definitely do faux furs and incredible leather jackets and great trousers. But I'm catering to a broader audience."

To reach that broader audience, the line will be sold in department and specialty stores, as well as on the Web, and Zoe expects it to do quite well.

"The bottom line for me is if I'm passionate about it, I will sell it like crazy because I love it," she says. "I just want to put out the most incredible product and have people love it and be excited about it. And I want to have an entire lifestyle brand. Everything. No limits. No limits! I hate limits. Give me a limit, I'm going to break it."

Besides asking top designers like Giorgio Armani and Karl Lagerfeld to reconfigure gowns in order to better fit celeb clients including Cameron Diaz and Anne Hathaway, Zoe's fashion designing has been limited to her QVC collection.

However, with her successful reality show, "The Rachel Zoe Project" (the third season premieres August 3), fans nationwide will surely support the line. "I would never consider myself a celebrity. Ever," she says, perhaps not so believably.

"Yes, I have a TV show and I realize that I am in the public eye because of that. Doing a TV show is a very instrumental part of my business and of building my brand... Cameron Diaz is a celebrity, Kate Hudson is a celebrity, Demi Moore is a celebrity."

And that's "bananas!"

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