Jillian Dempsey pairs a lip color with an eye and blush shade in her new 3-in-1 sticks for Avon. Courtesy photo.

If you're in fear of summer makeup meltdown, don't despair -- we've got some easy tips that will actually work beach-side.

StyleList chatted with Avon Global Creative Color Director Jillian Dempsey on beating the heat while still looking good. (Speaking of which, hubby is Patrick Dempsey -- girl's got great taste too.)

"Everyone struggles with shine during the summer. You can do little things to combat the shine. I'm a big fan of blotting papers to absorb oil, they buy you some time. And don't load up on the skincare routine. Pick an SPF since you'll want to wear that anyway, and look for a formula that takes care of your skin's needs so you don't need to layer on more moisturizer," Dempsey tells StyleList.

You can even further cut down on layers of product by picking a tinted moisturizer with SPF 15 or higher, so that you get skin protection and a hint of color coverage in one shot.

And when it comes to makeup and the beach, Dempsey has some practical advice.

"We're going to sweat off most of what we put on. A lipgloss with SPF protection in a natural pinky-peachy shade and a tiny hint of cream blush or stain will look natural. Stay away from anything with a matte texture or too much color, because it will just jump out and look obvious. And don't forget waterproof mascara," says Dempsey.

If you're only going to buy one new makeup product for summer, Dempsey says to go with a multiple pencil like the new Professional Multi Pencil she just designed for Avon.

"Three-in-one products tackle lips, cheeks and eyes in one item! They're so easy. Just find a formula and color that works for you."

As a busy mom, business woman and product creator, we're happy to take Dempsey's advice on multi-tasking.