Sienna Miller and Iris Law hanging out. Photo:

Sienna Miller has had her ups and downs with Jude Law, but she and his daughter, Iris Law, seem to get along swimmingly.

The two reportedly hit a salon together to snip Iris's locks into a sleek new bob, shown left.

However, some drama is said to have erupted on Twitter after Iris' mom/Law's ex, Sadie Frost, found out about the new haircut (which, incidentally, doesn't look too different from past ones we've seen), and allegedly did not approve of being left out of the decision to crop her daughter's hair.

According to Page Six, Frost took to the social networking site to air her disappointment that Iris received the new short style while spending time with Miller.

Frost reportedly tweeted, "I think ya should get ya own child and then cut their hair." Frost's Twitter account was later deleted.

Either way, there is a silver lining: Iris looks adorable!

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