Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian. Photo: Courtesy of E!

There ain't no party like a Kardashian party 'cause a Kardashian party don't stop ... er, until the sisters' priorities shifted when Kourtney became the proud mama to baby Mason last December and Khloe added Odom to her last name when she wed Lakers star Lamar Odom in September.

While there may be fewer crazy nights out on the town in the second season of "Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami", which premiered Sunday night on E!, the ladies still promise plenty of drama and, of course, fabulous fashion, as they return to the Sunshine State to check in on the second location of their uber-trendy Dash boutique.

StyleList caught up with the sisters to find out how they fared the surf and sand of South Beach this time around and to get their coveted tips and tricks for staying pretty in the hot and humid heat of summer.

Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian. Photo: Courtesy of E!

StyleList: Kourtney, now that you're a mom and, Khloe, now that you're married, how did that change the filming of the show this season?

Kourtney: The dynamic of the show changed because Khloe and I aren't single sisters anymore in Miami partying. I think we enjoyed the day in Miami a lot more. We went wake boarding and one of our good friends down there has a yacht and every second we could we were like, "Come on, lets bring our camera crew and we're going to come on the yacht and just hang out." We went jet skiing and I made Khloe go scuba diving, which was awful, just different things that we didn't really do last time.

Khloe: I don't think it affected the filming aspect, it's just that my head wasn't where it was filming season one. I definitely wasn't into going back to Miami but Kourtney kind of gave me a guilt trip that she has a son and this and that and it made me feel like I had to go with her. Lamar and I made a schedule and we talked about whether or not we were both comfortable with it because I wanted him to be comfortable with me going. We did what we could with the situation but there was definitely a lot more tension this season living in the same household with Scott (Disick, Kourtney's boyfriend and Mason's father), he and I don't really get along so well. We made it work. There was definitely a lot more fighting this season but I think we did the best we can.

SL: Did you feel like Miami inspired you to change up your look while you were there?

Kourtney: I think it's fun to pack for different cities and dress for different cities. In Miami I feel like I always pick out a fun nail color while I'm down there and leave my hair really wavy and long. I change it up depending on where I am. I wore a lot more heels and fun shoes and jean shorts and a lot of dresses in fun colors. It was Spring Break while we were down there, too, so there were tons of people and energy and people in bathing suits and fishnet bathing suits with nothing underneath. It was pretty crazy.

SL: You recently launched Kardashian Glamour Tan, what are your self-tanning tips to get that bronzed beach look?

Khloe: I think one of my biggest things that I had to learn along the way is always wear gloves when you're applying self-tanner. Also, exfoliate. Take a shower, shave and do whatever you want to do and then exfoliate or use a wash cloth and wash your body really well just so that you get rid of all of the dead skin because then the tanning stuff will go on so smoothly.

SL: Do you have any advice for how to deal with that hot and humid Miami climate?

Kourtney: Miami changes during the day. It will be hot and sunny and then it changes to be pouring rain the next second. So I think just wearing clothes that are versatile -- always bring a wrap or something and I feel like you should always wear a bikini under your clothes because you just never know where the day will go. A ponytail is very easy with the humid hair situation. Shorts are easy, too, because if it's hot and raining then jean shorts are just easy with that kind of weather.

SL: On the show your lips look so perfectly glossed, what are some of your favorite lip products?

Khloe: I love lipstick – M.A.C. Cosmetics and Nars are probably my favorite lipsticks. From M.A.C., I love the shade Honeylove or Freckletone, I'm a very nude lip girl. I like it to be very nude and very matte. If I do wear lip gloss, I love any of the Dior palettes. They're amazing. They're very soft and glossy but not sticky so you don't feel like it's clumping on your mouth. Also, Stila Lip Glaze. I love playing with lip colors but I always stick with either pink tones or nude tones, I don't go much further than that.

SL: What are your summer fashion and beauty must-haves?

Khloe: I'm always into maxi dresses because they're slinky and sexy and I just feel really pretty in them and kind of boho, even though I'm not really a boho girl. I think those are an easy staple. If you buy them in a solid color you can wear them anywhere. But for beauty, we have a skincare company called PerfectSkin and I would say that, especially in the summer when you're hot and you're sweating and you're out in the sun. I think taking care of your skin is so important for any time of year, but especially in the summer because it's so glowy and beautiful that you should want to keep up with that and maintain that glow for as long as possible.

SL: Your lashes always stand out. How do you achieve that look?

Khloe: Everyone asks me if I wear fake eyelashes and I don't. I do if it's a photo shoot or here or there but I have very sensitive eyes so if I do wear them my eyes look really heavy and I don't look as wide-eyed as I like to. I used to curl my lashes but now I'm terrified to do that. What I'll do is actually push my eyelashes while I have wet mascara on them so it kind of bends them into place without curling them. I feel like that opens my eyes a lot wider. If I'm in the car before I jump out to do a red carpet I do the same thing.

SL: What's one item of clothing that you'd love to steal from either of your sisters closets right now?

Khloe: Kimberly always has the best, most coolest jackets. She has this military jacket with these amazing embellished shoulder pads. It's just beautiful, but it's so much money and I don't believe in spending so much money on something that you can wear only one time anyway. It's so extravagant that there's not many places you could wear it to. I think it's beautiful and I would love to borrow it from that girl.

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