katy perry california gurls video blue hair cupcake bra top diesel crystal denim jean cutoffs daisy dukes

Katy Perry keeps things short and sweet. Photo courtesy of Diesel

Forget the cupcake bikini tops and the whipped-cream-spewing bras -- it's Katy Perry's shiny "California Gurls" short-shorts that we're sweet on!

In the Candy Land-themed tribute to her home state, quirky Perry sings about Jeeps, gin 'n juice, and Daisy Dukes while dancing in a sexy pair of cutoffs that gleam as if made from ribbon candy.

The singer topped off her cavity-causing look with a Jelly Belly blue wig, naturally.

But the 25-year-old future Mrs. Russell Brand didn't dip her hips in boiling sugar -- she's actually wearing Diesel's indigo-blue-wash "Mintha 8B3" denim shorts, which Perry's personal wardrobe designer and stylist, Johnny Wujek, customized with more than 7,000 Swarovski crystals.

The result was a one-of-a-kind confection that Perry loved so much, she posted a Twitpic of them last month, boasting, "don't be jelly about the custom Diesel daisy dukes!"

But don't get your taffy in a twist! You can get the same results for the price of a bag of penny candy (which, truthfully, doesn't even cost a penny these days): Pick up a pair of "Mintha 8B3" shorts at Diesel ($160) and embellish them yourself. Cupcake bra optional.

In other Perry style news, check out her American Flag/Union Jack dress.