Adam Lambert's new half-shaved and crystal-adorned head. Photo: Twitter

Flamboyant "American Idol" alum Adam Lambert has shaved half his head as part of the Boy George-inspired look for his Glam Nation concert tour.

The hair buzz started when the provocative singer posted a picture on Twitter showing one side of his head completely shaved.

Wearing an artful top hat, Lambert also affixed a strip of crystals and beads to his face, running from his smoky guy-liner back to his shorn head.

"Glam nation glam," he tweeted.

Then, apparently to chill fans worried that he had gone and buzzed off all of his magnificent dark mane, he tweeted, "Calm down....just shaved one side."

He could have said, "Hey, whaddya want (or expect) from me?"

Lambert, who demonstrated his chameleonlike capacity to alter his looks when he was season 8's runner-up on "Idol," is embarking on his first solo U.S. tour.

From this glimpse, seems like he's going to do Lady Gaga proud in the vanilla-free costume department.

In Lambert's video for "If I Had You," his latest release, he sports Goth fashion, heavily lined eyes, combat boots, and a towering mullet.

Guess the mullet's off the tour schedule!

Meanwhile, Lambert can compare Twitpics with fellow fashion maven Johnny Weir, who showed off his pink mullet on Twitter last month.

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