Finesse's new ReVitality line of anti-aging haircare. Courtesy Photo

With the baby boomer generation increasingly plunking down more cash to achieve the youthful glow of days past, a new trend has emerged in the beauty industry: anti-aging haircare.

While we all know that skin inevitably ages and loses its firmness and clarity with time, haircare companies are now researching ways to address the aging process of the hair -- which isn't news to stylists who have long seen the effects of time on strands.

"I constantly hear clients complain that their hair has become lifeless, thin, dull or limp as they age. It's no surprise to me that the hair care industry has responded to these concerns because as the baby boomer generation gets older, these hair issues have become epidemic," says New York stylist and salon owner Mark Garrison.

StyleList has exclusively learned of a brand new line from drugstore brand Finesse called ReVitality, which uses anti-aging skincare ingredients like collagen, CoQ10 and antioxidants to plump, repair and protect the strands and scalp.

"Women have lots of options when it comes to treating the signs of aging on their face, but not too many for their hair beyond traditional hair color. Finesse ReVitality provides these skin care types of beauty benefits for the coarseness and loss of elasticity that naturally increase in hair as we age," CEO Randy Sloan of Finesse parent company Lornamead Inc. tells StyleList.

Redken's Time Reset product line. Courtesy Photo

The line will be marketed to women over the age of 35, and is rolling out to drugstores for $4.49 to $4.99 a bottle.

Meanwhile, in the prestige market, Redken is launching a Time Reset salon service that targets porosity filling -- which clients can then follow up with an at-home selection of haircare products that the brand claims combats five of the six signs of aging hair: change in texture, diminished density, increased dryness, dullness and breakage.

The sixth sign -- graying hair -- will also be addressed with a separate Cover Fusion 100% Coverage Color Cream that Redken will distribute to salon professionals.

The shampoos, conditioners and stylers will contain such skincare-savvy ingredients as peptides, ceramide, green tea and camellia oil for strength, shine and antioxidant protection. UV filters help block sun rays while a technology the brand refers to as "Intra-Cylane" helps even porosity by filling in gaps on the cuticle layer.

While that all sounds great, is it worth spending the money to see if these new anti-agers actually work?

"Before investing in topical hair care products, I recommend seeing an endocrinologist. Many glandular or hormonal conditions that develop with age can have drastic effects on your hair. One client of mine learned that her hair was thinning because of an iron deficiency, and when she began taking iron supplements, the quality of her hair improved almost immediately," says Garrison.

A model before and after the Redken Time Reset and Cover Fusion services. Courtesy Photo

As for actual anti-aging hair products, Garrison says that what he has seen has looked very promising.

"I have seen great results from new product lines aimed at correcting the effects that age can have on the hair. I've seen the best results from products that treat from within such as Age Premium Densitive Dietary Supplements from Kérastase, which are taken twice daily and utilize taurine, grape seed extract, zinc and green tea for stronger hair follicles that grow healthier-looking hair," says Garrison.

When considering products, keep in mind that healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. You'll want to go for technology that includes skincare ingredients that target the skin on the scalp, just as you would facial skin for anti-aging effects.

"My favorite is Nioxin Scalp Renew, described by the company as 'a facial for the scalp.' Regular application will eliminate scalp discomfort and improve the health of your hair," advises Garrison.

They've always called hair "a woman's crowning glory," and with the help of science, we may just be able to enjoy fabulous hair for a lifetime.

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