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Are women spending more on getaway getups than their actual trips? Looks that way. Photo: Getty Images

Apparently Carrie Bradshaw and company aren't the only ones who go all out on their vacation wardrobes (though they're surely the only ones who consider Hammer harem pants and novelty turbans essential holiday wear).

According to a new study from the Clothes Show London, the average woman spends £200 (about $295) more on clothes for her summer getaway than the cost of the vacation itself, the Daily Mail reports.

That must be some bikini.

What's more, women also reportedly splash out another £170 ($251) on beauty products to get them looking sufficiently beach-ready, while spending 15 hours on fake tans, mani/pedis, hair removal and other pre-vacation pampering, the study finds.

Four out of five women admitted that they will use savings on bargain vacation deals towards new clothes to wear on the trip, according to the paper.

"The fact that women are willing to spend more on their wardrobe than on their summer holiday shows that even the bargain break isn't quite as cheap as first thought," Maryam Hamizadeh, marketing manager for the Clothes Show London, told the Daily Mail.

"It's clear from our survey results that looking good while on holiday is just as, if not more, important to women as actually getting away.

"Women simply love getting dressed up for an occasion and a week's holiday provides a number of great opportunities to dress to impress."

Now if only we didn't have to deal with those pesky new baggage fees...

The survey reportedly found that the average woman's vacation wardrobe consists of £350 ($517) worth of dresses, £160 ($236) on shoes (including flip-flops and sandals), £125 on bikinis ($185) and £60 ($88) on accessories and jewelry.

Primping, meanwhile, reportedly includes six hours of applying self-tanner, an hour and a half of waxing (ouch!), three and a half hours of eyebrow shaping and nail maintenance, and four hours devoted to reading fashion magazines to brush up on the latest trends.

Yikes -- that's a whole lotta work for a little face time with a piña colada and a cheesy beach read. No wonder we need a vacation!

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