Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Lopez and Natalie Portman are all recent bronde converts. Photo: Getty Images

A perfect hybrid of blonde and brown, bronde is the newest -- and most natural -- look for dark-haired beauties who want to share in the sun-kissed summer fun, and look a few years younger while they're at it.

Natalie Portman, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Lopez and most recently Miley Cyrus, have been spotted with this lighter bronde hue -- a term that's become popular in the last few years to personify that not-quite-blonde, not-quite-brunette tone that "Glamour" first reported in November 2007 in response to the economic downturn, while at the same time brilliantly describing supermodel Gisele Bundchen's much-coveted hair hue.

"Women who might normally lighten their hair all over are going for a darker base shade with more highlights, so what you get is something that's part blond, part brown, or "brond," said Beth Shapouri in a recap of the article on "Glamour's" Girls in the Beauty Department blog.

But this summer, it's the other way around; rather than blondes trying to save cash, the bronde trend is now being driven by brunettes in search of a flattering summer shade that can shave years off your look.

Gisele Bundchen is the quintessential bronde. Photo: Getty Images

"Women are always asking me, 'What makes me look younger?'", celebrity colorist and "Sheer Genius" judge, Kim Vo told StyleList. Blonde hair dye mixed with a flattering tint of brown gives brunettes what he thinks is the most versatile color, regardless of age.

Because Vo says women have become "blonderexic" -- a Vo-ism that describes someone who has too much blonde for their own good -- he says this warmer hue works better with our darker, natural coloring.

It also helps us avoid the number one mistake that brunettes make: orange highlights. "Highlights like that remind me of tiger strips," Vo says.

The key is to lighten the locks more subtly by painting select layers on top of the hair with two different volumes of color lifting creams. This ultimately gives darker hair more depth and dimension without looking like you're trying to be the blonde you're not. Its warmer highlights are also the most forgiving according to Vo because they work on all skin types and hair textures.

"I was inspired by memories of my childhood on the beaches in France," says Vo who believes this look is as casual and natural as you want it to be.

Once colored, Vo recommends protecting your locks with a glaze. "It seals in color, adds a diamond-like radiance and shine and creates the perfect 'date night' hair. It's one of my favorite products!"

Just like blonde is now one of his favorite colors.

"If blonde and brunette had a love child, it would be bronde," Vo adds. "It's the way to go!"

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