Helen Mirren nude bathtub New York Magazine

Okay, now she's just showing off. Helen Mirren soaking it in for New York Magazine.

A couple of years after flaunting her foxy frame in a bikini, Oscar winner Helen Mirren has upped the ante by posing topless in a bathtub for New York Magazine.

And while we can think of a few (million) senior citizens we'd prefer to not see in the buff, Mirren -- who turns 65 next month -- actually looks pretty darn sexy and wrinkle-free -- hard to pull off while striking a pose from a prune skin-inducing bath -- in the Juergen Teller-photographed shoot.

Your move, Betty White.

The racy shoot coincides with Mirren's new film, "Love Ranch," in which she plays the owner of a brothel.

Still, the inspirational 60-something downplays her sexiness to New York Magazine, saying, "I'm getting less notorious as I get older. People forget that I ever was."

That's nothing a naked photo won't fix. What's next -- a centerfold in AARP The Magazine?

Mirren also discusses the impact of Hollywood's new crop of sexpots.

"I'm thrilled young girls are claiming their sexuality for themselves," she tells New York.

"I love bold women: Madonna and Scarlett Johansson -- sexy and gorgeous, but not only that.

"And Miley Cyrus -- fantastic! And Lady Gaga. I love the way she's elevated pop to performance art, or dragged performance art down to pop, or maybe made a wonderful amalgam of the two.

"My girls: Miley, Scarlett, Lady Gaga. My team... Yes."

Ooh -- did somebody say "Golden Girls" remake?

For more on the steamy shoot, visit NYMag.com or pick up this week's New York, on sale now.

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