lindsay lohan scram ankle bracelet alcohol monitoring bracelet photo shoot

Lohan posing during a photo shoot with her SCRAM alcohol-monitoring ankle bracelet. Photo: News

Lindsay Lohan plans to get naked to promote her newly expanded 6126 line of handbags next month, but there may be one accessory she can't strip off without a court order: her alcohol-monitoring anklet.

The question of how to make the SCRAM go scram has become the pre-shoot dilemma for the business partners in her accessories line.

Richard Luna of The California Bag, which licenses the 6126 bags, told Los Angeles magazine that the legally troubled La Lohan is booked to roll around bare in bed for an ad campaign shoot next month. As for the SCRAM, he told the mag, "We're thinking of having the police on hand so we can remove the ankle bracelet for the pictures."

Um, good luck convincing Judge Marsha Revel, the jurist presiding in Lohan's ongoing violation-of-probation court case, that the struggling actress can lose the sensitive device for a nanosecond.

Luna told the magazine it's also possible Lohan might be photographed with and without the device, but if that's a legal no-go, perhaps the SCRAM could be airbrushed out of the photographs in post-production.

The 6126 handbags are scheduled to hit department stores this fall and will retail from $200 to $600 (SCRAM not included).

The SCRAM-cam dilemma was addressed by Lohan herself last month when she flaunted the anklet -- as if it were handpicked by a discerning stylist -- during a shoot (shown above) with photographer Tyler Shields for his upcoming book, "The Dirty Side of Glamour."

Then again, it would not be the first time there has been legal drama associated with Lohan or her photo shoots. The last time a photographer snapped images for the 6126 bags, he sued the actress in a payment dispute.

And StyleList hears Bravo's reality cameras caught more drama on the set of its new docu-series "Double Exposure" when Lohan was temporarily missing in action for her date with celebrity photographers Markus Klinko and Indrani. (Tune in to tonight's episode for the late-to-the-set details.)

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