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The Patient's Question:
Will a facelift make me look better? I'd love to fix my nose -- it's too wide and I hate the bump. It also looks like I'm developing jowels, and the skin hanging under my chin does nothing for my self-esteem! I'd love to know how much difference a facelift would make.

The patient before (left) and after (right) hypothetical surgery. Courtesy Photo

Dr. Freund's Answer: Thank you for your submission! While your nasal concerns have more to do with the genetics of your mother and father, the sagging of your face and neck have more to do with loss of facial volume as well as a loss of elasticity.

Lets start with your cheeks and under eyes (A in the photograph). The tired looking lines that extend from the corner of your eye downward across your cheek is the tear trough deformity. This depression is the result of several factors including;

1. Loss of facial volume with age
2. Sagging of the cheeks with age
3. Puffiness of the lower eyelids.

A common treatment for this problem is a midface or cheek lift. However, in your case, I think a less invasive procedure such as fat injections would work great for filling in these lines. My favorite treatment is the Viafill System. Your own fat is gently taken from another area on your body to fill this area. The cost runs from $2500 to $5000. This procedure can be performed under local anesthesia and downtime is minimal.

As for your neck, the excess skin and sagging platysma muscle (indicated by the blue letter B) can be corrected with a necklift. This technique will focus only on the neck and yield a natural looking result without the fake, tight look of some facelifts. The downtime for a necklift is also less than a conventional facelift. The cost can run from $5000 to $10,000. Downtime is 7-10 days. Of course your need for a facelift would have to wait, until you truly needed one.

Finally, your nose has a classic bump that is not extreme. Many people, especially commenters on this blog would say that it gives you character. But as with anything, the only thing that is important is how you feel about yourself. I have demonstrated what a removal of the bump may look like on your face. Simple hump removals can be as simple as a 25 minute procedure, with minimal swelling or downtime.

If you would like more information about these procedures or anything related to health and beauty, please refer to my book, "A More Beautiful You: Reverse Aging Through Skin Care, Plastic Surgery and Lifestyle Solutions."

Respectfully submitted,
Robert M. Freund, MD

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