yellow white striped hoodie teen gum bubble

Oh, snap! School cracks down on clothing including hoodies, skinny jeans, and tank tops. Photo: Corbis

Talk about the school of hard knocks.

The school board of Scranton, PA yesterday ruled in favor of a strict new dress code forbidding area high school students from wearing, among other things, skinny jeans, hoodies and cargo pants, the Times-Tribune reports.

Dang -- can't we get Michael Scott to do something about this?

The board voted unanimously to ban -- deep breath -- skinny jeans, cargo pants, yoga pants, hooded sweatshirts, tops with zippers, tank tops, hats, chains, visible underwear, shorts more than three inches above the knee and clothing that is a size too tight, according to the paper.

Guess Miley Cyrus won't be enrolling then.

Though the dress code reportedly targets "gang-related" clothing, it does allow for one nose stud, pants in neutral colors such as navy or brown (provided they are worn at the "natural waistline") and college and military shirts.

Superintendent Bill King told the paper that the dress code would be easier to enforce because of its specific nature.

The dress code comes on the heels of similar rules enforced at British schools, where, as we've previously reported, one headmaster has banned tight pants and another has prohibited schoolgirls under 15 from wearing skirts.

Cheer up, kids. If we can make it through high school with "The Rachel" and the poor girl's version of Cher Horowitz's wardrobe, you can surely suck it up and deal with boot-cut jeans.

Meanwhile, Disney has eased up on its theme park employee dress code.