Good-Looking Egg and Sperm Bank

Photo: Patrick Ryan, Getty Images

Who says b-eggers can't be choosers?

Not, the online dating site which has gained notoriety for its no-uglies-allowed policy.

And if the service can't help you find a hunky Mr. Right, it's got the next best thing: a virtual database of hunky sperm and foxy egg donors so you can skip straight ahead to the "baby carriage" part without letting your beauty standards slip.

The site has just launched an online sperm and egg bank/"fertility introduction service" that lets wannabe parents desperate for a devastatingly good-looking baby get their hands on members' sexy DNA, the Independent reports.

"Due to the fact that members are aesthetically blessed, their genetic donation is in high demand," an open letter on the site reportedly states.

(Nice try, guys, but we've fallen for that "genetic donation" pick-up line before.)

Fortunately, even non-supermodels can use the service (how else are they going to cancel out their sub-par genes?).

"Initially, we hesitated to widen the offering to non-beautiful people," founder Robert Hintze told the Independent.

"But everyone -- including ugly people -- would like to bring good-looking children into the world, and we can't be selfish with our attractive gene pool."

Shallow, yes. But selfish, nay.

What's your take? Would you use this service to guarantee a beautiful baby, or is the whole concept too shallow and Orwellian for words? Leave a comment!

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