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In our new column, Beauty Trends, women around the country write to us about the biggest beauty influences in their city. Our first letter is from Sylvie Branch in Cleveland, Ohio, who tells us what's hot in lips, eyes, hair and nails.

Dear StyleList,

Cleveland is the home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, a fact that makes our town proud. Maybe that's why we Clevelanders tilt toward independent styles - just like the rockers inside.

Sandra Bullock and Vera Farmiga at the 2010 Oscars. Frazer Harrison, Getty | Jason Merritt, Getty

Sandra Bullock and Vera Farmiga's gorgeous pink-red lips at the 2010 Oscars made an instant impact on our Midwest makeup. I don't know if it's Sandra's approachable air or the stars' great movies, but statement lips are back. I hit the nearby Sephora store to find my new favorite shade, Hot Tango 05, a pretty pink-red lip rouge. Cleveland Beauty Examiner contributor and makeup artist, Alice Vitiello, agrees. Her recent article on Chanel's lipstick also offers a fantastic guide to the recently discontinued Chanel shades and what to wear in their place.

Eyes: When lips are the focus, eyes tend to be less made up, which may help rid Cleveland of its unfortunate ongoing heavy blue eyeshadow phase.

Victoria Beckham's razor-cut bob, and an "Ombre" manicure. Toby Canham, Getty Images | Courtesy of

Hair: Highlights are finally growing out and in their place is more natural looking hair. Razor-cut bobs of all lengths are still quite popular, angled toward the face and straightened to perfection. This look knows no economic boundaries. Teens, soccer moms, lawyers and accountants have embraced these cuts.

Nails: According to Cleveland blogger Michelle Mismas, nails are important this spring. Her blog, All Lacquered Up, features the latest trends in nails. The ombre look, where each nail is a progressively deeper shade, is popular, as well as gel lacquers, Minx nails and the half-moon manicure, -- that is, a reverse French manicure. I knew she was right when I realized the girl bagging my groceries and the lady in the booth at the movie theater had manicures to rival the boutique owner I met downtown.

We may be a little rock n' roll -- rough around the edges and big on personal style -- but we want to fit in too. That's why Cleveland girls are taking more and more of their style inspiration straight off the runway or the big screen.


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