Emmy Rossum strapless Michael Kors dress Alexis Bledel white Alice + Olivia shirt Helmut Lang pants Vogue Eyewear FFDA

Emmy Rossum in Michael Kors (left) and Alexis Bledel in an Alice + Olivia top and Helmut Lang pants (right). Photo: Neilson Barnard, WireImage for Sunglass Hut

It's not just you who can't hang on to a pair of sunglasses!

Actresses Emmy Rossum and Alexis Bledel joked with StyleList at the launch of a Vogue Eyewear FFDA capsule collection by designers Matt Murphy, Devi Kroell, and Kara Ross, that shades are the accessory they're most likely to misplace.

"I'm constantly losing them!" laughed Rossum, who was wearing an elegant, strapless Michael Kors cocktail dress. "On vacation, they're always ending up in the ocean somewhere. I've lost, like, seven pairs."

"I'm always losing mine in the city," chimed in Bledel, who was looking smart and summery in a white Alice + Olivia shirt and Helmut Lang pants.

Both ladies said the summer fashion trend they were most excited to wear were rompers; Miss Rossum likes hers short, while Miss Bledel prefers a longer leg.

StyleList asked the women about this recent blog post, which addressed the ticklish issue of how difficult it can be to use the ladies' room in such an outfit.

"I haven't tried that yet, I'll get back to you," said Rossum with a grin.

"Gossip Girl" actress Jessica Szohr turned up at the party and chatted with designer Murphy.

"Sunglasses are an essential part of everyone's wardrobe, or they should be," Murphy told StyeList. "You can see and you can hide simultaneously!"

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