R. Jewels Diamond Edition luxury bespoke suit

The bedazzled bespoke suit. Photo courtesy of Stuart Hughes

Hey, fellas -- want to look like a million bucks? Literally?

Then plan a bank heist so you can cough up the £599,000 (about $899,000) needed to buy what is being dubbed as the "world's most expensive men's suit."

Men's Wearhouse this ain't. Created by British designer Stuart Hughes in partnership with Richard Jewels, the "R. Jewels Diamond Edition" luxury bespoke suit is made of the finest cashmere wool, silk, and some 480 diamonds, Hughes tells StyleList.

According to Hughes -- who specializes in luxury goods including a platinum iPad -- the suit was originally commissioned by a French client before Hughes decided to make three more.

"The diamonds are placed along contours of the cut, making it a pretty cool design," Hughes explained to us.

"So we hit the middle line of 'subtle but dangerous.'"

And pricey! Still, considering the suit took 600 hours to create and boasts a whopping total of 240 carats, we dare say it might be worth it.

At least that's what we'll be telling our bank manager...

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