snooki without hair pouf with pouf jersey shore

Snooki's hair looked downright flat at the premiere of "Grown Ups" (left) compared to her usual "Jesrey Couture" pouf (right). Photos: Getty Images | MTV/Scott Gries

"I've been doing poufs everywhere I go so I want to change it up," Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi told StyleList of the sleek style she sported to the New York City premiere of "Grown Ups."

But not to worry -- the "Jersey Shore" star's hair still has volume. "I mean, I teased my hair tonight," she explained. "It's not as big because I didn't have time. It would be up here if I did have time. And I wanted to do curls, but I didn't have time. I really like crazy, curly hair with a tease. So even though it's not a pouf, it's still big hair."

Fans of the self-proclaimed guidette can learn how to emulate the curly do on her YouTube page, but she did share this secret for making waves: "Curling iron, no hot rollers. I'm not in the '50s."

Despite looking amazing, the reality star did confess to having some dress drama that evening. "I'm wearing Lipsy," she told StyleList. "I had an hour to get ready and I'm like 'Oh my God I don't have a dress.' So Lipsy came over with 20 dresses. I'm actually going to use them for some photo shoots coming up. They really helped me out tonight."

And they especially helped out her cleavage. "I like how my boobs are popping out. And I'm not wearing a bra," Snooki said. "If I didn't wear a bra, with a normal dress, they'd be sagging. But they're up, and I really don't need a bra right now."

With so much attention paid to her dress, it's not surprising that the famous fist-pumper couldn't recall who designed her footwear. "What's his name, dammit? Stuart Weitzman!"

Fortunately, the 22-year-old tanned titan had less trouble detailing her red-carpet beauty routine and which products she keeps in her makeup bag. "I use all M.A.C -- bronzer, pink lipstick, black eyeliner, and black eye shadow." As for her beach bag? "Tanning oil, a water bottle filled with vodka, and my bronzer."

Speaking of the beach, Snooki says she'll be spending the summer in the area that made her famous: the Jersey Shore. "Regardless if I'm with my girlfriends or not," she said, "I'm just going to have a good time."

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