Tattoo artist Mark Mahoney shot by Ari Marcopoulos from the YSL-commissioned short film. Photo: Courtesy of YSL

For the second season in a row, Yves Saint Laurent is creating a film to go along with the company's menswear collection.

Last year, as you might recall, YSL tapped shutterbug Bruce Weber to shoot a video to showcase the feel of the collection.

The short film, in Weber's signature black-and-white style, featured a small dog, a Marvin Gaye soundtrack and many a shirtless male model flexing and dancing.

For the Spring 2011 menswear collection, which will be shown on a runway in Paris tomorrow, YSL designer Stefano Pilati choose famed photographer and filmmaker Ari Marcopoulos to shoot a corresponding short film.

Marcopoulos was born in Amsterdam, but moved to New York City where he assisted Andy Warhol. He is best known for shooting gritty portraits of musicians, skateboarders and general street life.

For the documentary-style YSL short, dubbed, 'No Way Back,' Marcopoulos shot legendary old school tattoo artist Mark Mahoney, who started his career in the '70s and still works in Los Angeles today.

Tomorrow's YSL menswear show will include an installation of 'No Way Back,' but fans can see the film beforehand, starting at 6pm (EST) tonight, on and YSL's Facebook and YouTube pages.

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