Grace Kelly and Charlene Wittstock look strikingly similar. Photo: Michael Ochs Archive, Getty Images | Martin Bureau, AFP, Getty Images

It's been 28 years since the legendary Grace Kelly died. Twenty-eight years that the people of Monaco have been waiting for Prince Albert to bring them a new princess. And after much speculation (including rumors that Europe's most eligible bachelor was gay) they finally have one -- 32-year-old South African swimming champ, Charlene Wittstock, who is not only as beautiful and glamorous as Kelly, but strikingly similar.

Take a look at photos of the former princess and the princess-to-be. Do you see what we see?

Sculpted, dark blonde hair. Light eyes. High cheekbones. Silky skin. Heart-shaped faces. Slim, elegant figures. Not to mention, impeccable tastes in fashion.

No doubt, they are both Hollywood's idealist version of true fairy-tale beauties. And while we're thrilled for the happy couple (and anxiously awaiting Wittstock's sure-to-be stunning bridal gown), we have to wonder, could it be true that men really do marry their mothers?

Meanwhile, check out the rock on this bride-to-be's finger.