Kim Kardashian measured butt

Kim tweets about getting her famous butt measured. Photo: Kim Kardashian

It is her most ample asset, so maybe it's no surprise that Kim Kardashian needs to know the exact dimensions of her famous backside.

The reality star and everywhere girl played it coy yesterday as she tweeted that she was having her butt measured but wouldn't say why. The provocative one did, however, post a pic on her blog to prove it!

There she is, decked out in a form-fitting ivory dress, as a woman sizes her up with some kind of measuring device.

StyleList's first thought? Kim must be on the market for some custom "mom jeans."

But no. Turns out Kardashian was playing a game of stump with that rump.

"Hmmm... why would I be getting measured...Curiosity? Dress fitting? Can you guess?" she wrote on her blog. Then she dropped this hint: "#karwax."

That had some media outlets and fans speculating that she's getting her tush immortalized for Madame Tussauds wax museum.

Consider these clues: First, there was Kardashian's mystery Bahamas photo shoot with teen idol Justin Bieber.

Then, she posted a blog pic of her gorgeous face decorated with red dots. No, not the chicken pox, Kardashian advised.
The strange markings were related to an upcoming "big announcement."

Ah, the intrigue. StyleList will keep you posted as leads develop.

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