Lindsay Lohan self-tanner

Lindsay Lohan looking a bit overly tan. Photo: Getty Images

God has one heck of a sense of humor... though something tells us Lindsay Lohan isn't laughing.

First, the starlet's legal troubles landed her a court-ordered SCRAM alcohol-monitoring ankle bracelet.

And while that hasn't put much of a damper on Lohan's style -- she flaunted the device in a recent photo shoot -- it looks like it will be interfering with her precious fake tan.

The Sevin Nyne founder has been warned that chemicals in her self-tanner could set off her SCRAM bracelet, TMZ reports.

And just in time for summer, too. Oh, the injustice!

Despite reportedly being told repeatedly that a tanning solution could trigger a alcohol-positive reading, the naturally pale actress is still getting her faux glow on one to two times a week, according to the celebrity news site.

Sources also tell TMZ that the bracelet is irritating Lohan's skin and that she's "climbing the walls."

"She's made life hell for the people around her, since she is in pretty bad pain," an insider said.

Unfortunately for Lohan -- and her tan -- the SCRAM reportedly won't, um, scram until at least July 6, the date of her next hearing.

Bummer, babe. But you know what they say -- crime doesn't pay!

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