vienna girardi crying floral dress blue handbag engagement ring

It's a tearful goodbye for Vienna Girardi and her Neil Lane engagement ring. Photos: | Courtesy of Neil Lane (Inset)

She may have scored the final rose and a big hunk of bling, but the honeymoon's over for "The Bachelor" winner Vienna Girardi.

Now that she has split with "Bachelor" Jake Pavelka, the former Hooters waitress is being forced to hand over her $50,000 2.72 carat diamond and platinum Neil Lane engagement ring, the New York Post reports.

(Psst, Vienna: Suggest couples' counseling NOW.)

It won't be Pavelka that pockets the ring, but rather show's producers Warner Bros./Horizon, where it "goes back into production," Warner Bros. spokesperson Natalia Desrosiers tells the paper.

How... romantic.

Of course, prying the princess-cut ring -- which, as we previously reported, was inspired by Girardi's statement that she was "daddy's little princess" (blech) -- off the girl's finger may be a tricky issue. The blonde was spied wearing the rock at a Los Angeles salon on Tuesday, reports Us Weekly.

Details are scarce on just what will happen to the cursed ring, with even designer Lane in the dark.

"I've been designing rings for 20 years," the jeweler told the paper.

"What happens afterward, I don't know. I do the rings. I can't do everything."

Given the show's track record for broken engagements, we suggest ABC start recycling their bling for future seasons. Or maybe just stick with Ring Pops? So much more practical...

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