Motorcycle jacket ($39.50) and chambray ruffle dress ($29.50) from Old Navy's Fall 2010 Collection. Photo: Courtesy of Old Navy

DESIGNER: Old Navy design team

INSPIRATION: It's a cross between vintage preppy and biker chic

TOP LOOKS: The fleece motorcycle jacket in six colors (!) including orange and purple, riding pants that are like leggings, but not.

ACCESSORIES: Just below-the-knee double buckle boots ($34.95), low boots – a cross between a cowboy and motorcycle for a mere $29.50, a khaki-colored bucket bag for $19.50.

WHAT WE THOUGHT: Old Navy is one of those stores that finds one item and just kills it – offering it in every color, variation and so on – so that if you wear it, you see yourself coming and going. However, there's something kind-of great about both the fleece motorcycle jacket, which can be worn as a blazer or even transitional outerwear, and the riding pants, which we can see getting in color after color.

This retailer also does a good job with evolving the cardigan sweater with new silhouettes and closures (toggles!) to keep it looking fresh.

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