Summer travel does not have to undermine your hairstyles. Photo: Getty Images

Summer vacation may mean a break from work, an endless to-do list and other daily routines, but just because you're checking in to your favorite getaway, doesn't mean your hair has to look like it's checked out.

Whether you opt for a five-star retreat or an eco-friendly campground, it is possible to have easy and gorgeous hair that feels as carefree as you do when you're away from home. You just have to remember, the goal is to maintain your hair while traveling, not try to duplicate your usual look because travel invariably means changes in climate, conditions -- and time!

Before embarking on your trip, Patrick Wellington, proprietor of Wellington Hair Spa advises women to pay a visit to their favorite stylist. "A salon appointment for a fresh cut or treatment right before traveling will make it easier to maintain your hair."

Next, do a pre-inventory before you leave and make sure you pack only the necessary products and equipment, including a hydrating shampoo and conditioner. "A huge challenge on the road is not having the usual styling tools," says Wellington. While some items like a comb, brush, flatiron and hairspray are essential, leave behind the big cumbersome items like hood dryers and hot rollers.

A smooth ponytail is an easy way to look polished in a pinch. Photo: Getty Images

When it comes to styling, Wellington says less is more on vacation. "You want styles that are easier to manage, even letting hair air-dry after washing can create a great look."

For short hair, that can mean simply applying a leave-in conditioner after shampooing. When hair is dry, a good pomade will direct your strands in a carefree, textured manner.

If your hair is medium-length, Wellington says you should try to go with its natural texture and avoid extensive work like blow-outs that can take a long time. Instead, scrunch hair when drying for volume or gather hair in a low ponytail with sleek, tight edges using a pomade or gel for a polished, yet casual look.

Longer locks give you a number of low-maintenance options. Ponytails, chignons and up-sweeps are easy on-the-go styles says Wellington. He also recommends braiding your hair before bed. In the morning, unbraid it and add a pomade or volumizer for a wavy style that can last two or three days. You can also create a loose ponytail and pin hair around it for a loose chignon.

It's important to remember that damage to your tresses can happen before you even arrive at your destination. Wellington says flying dehydrates the hair, so you should travel with a good moisturizer or pomade. Apply right before take-off to keep the hair hydrated while in flight, and reapply when you land if needed.

If you're traveling for an occasion and need perfectly-styled locks one day, investigate a salon in the hotel or talk with a concierge about a salon that he or she recommends nearby. This will save you from carting all of your own products and tools with you.

And if you're roughing it in the great outdoors, hair shouldn't be a priority. Try tucking it back with a little pomade or gel, and don't forget to protect it from the sun with an SPF spray made especially for hair.

Finally, for the lowest-maintenance days, be sure to pack a great looking scarf or hat. "Don't be concerned with over-styling your hair," says Wellington. After all, vacations are all about rest -- which your hair needs from time to time too.

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