Victoria Beckham hair extensions

Victoria Beckham has gone from short to long with new hair extensions. Photo: ELIOT PRESS/

Paging Victoria Beckham. Why are you messing with a good thing?

After running the gamut of hairstyles from a cropped pixie to long hair extensions, we recently reported that Beckham was back with her famous "Pob" hairstyle -- a look that we like best on the 36-year-old singer turned designer.

But apparently it wasn't her favorite.

Beckham has gone back to hair extensions and showed off her new longer locks yesterday as she and her three sons paraded around the South of France on vacation.

Worn loose and wavy, the style is still trendy and chic, but we -- along with thousands of other "Pob"-seeking women -- have just become partial to her shorter, cropped 'do.

Hey, at least she didn't go back to being a bleached blonde.

And with rumors swirling that the former Spice Girl and her hubby, David Beckham, are on the brink of a breakup, she wouldn't be the first woman to change her hairstyle in the wake of such stress. See which other celeb recently did this!

What do you think of Victoria Beckham's longer locks? Do you like her shorter strands better, too?