woman floral skirt shoes on the floor

Eenie meenie miney mo... Apparently, we're not the only ones with daily shoe dilemmas. Photo: Getty Images

Unlike Carrie Bradshaw, we may not be the old woman who literally lived in her shoes, but we're pretty darn close!

According to a new survey of 3,000 women, the average woman spends £16,410 (nearly $25,000) on shoes over her lifetime, the Daily Express reports.

Conducted by British insurance company GoCompare.com, the study found that women spend an average of £34.99 (about $53) per pair (we wish), which adds up to £244.93 (almost $370) per year, and $16,410 over 67 years, according to the paper.

The average woman reportedly also owns 19 pairs of shoes, which includes three heels; six pairs of flip-flops, sandals, ballet flats or wedges; three pairs of boots; two pairs of work shoes; four pairs of "foxy-style" shoes for hitting the town; and a "random" pair.

Ha -- amateurs.

The study also claims that gals buy seven pairs of shoes per year, totaling 469 pairs in a lifetime. We're gonna need a bigger closet.

Not surprisingly, four out of 10 women reportedly admitted to judging females based on their footwear, while more than half didn't feel guilty about buying new shoes, though 25 percent keep their purchases secret from their boyfriends who "wouldn't understand."

"Shoes are women's one major weakness," Hayley Parsons of GoCompare.com told the paper.

If only!

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