Ever thought of choosing your hairstyles by face shape? The right haircut and hairstyle can draw attention to your best facial features, and shift attention from anything you want to disguise. In our video series, The Perfect Haircut for Your Face Shape, we explore the styles that look best on round, oval, square, long, and heart shaped faces.

Perfect Haircut for My Face

Shilpa, before and after her Perfect Haircut for My Face makeover. Photos: Cory Sorensen

It can be very tempting to relax and straighten long, curly hair that seems out of control. But celebrity hair stylist Chaz Dean says straightened hair is not necessarily maintenance-free hair.

Just ask our latest hair-challenged client: Shilpa Abani, a beautiful brunette with thick, wavy hair, that she doesn't know how to manage.

Shilpa also has a round face shape -- an admitted challenge for many women who fear certain hairstyles will make it appear wider. But rather than emphasize the roundness, you can elongate your face with just a few simple adjustments to her hairstyle, says Dean.

The first step is to create a side part that sweeps over the eye. This adds a soft fringe and opens up the face. "Instead of seeing a round face," he says, "you're now elongating it so it's becoming longer, softer and more flattering on your features."

Next, Dean cuts cheek-length bangs and light layers throughout the hair, while leaving as much length as possible.

The final step in styling Shilpa's long locks is to use a round brush and large rollers to create soft, bouncy waves throughout.

Shilpa now has a style that suits her natural hair texture and face shape perfectly.

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