little edie's diary I only mark the hours that shine book cover headscraf ballet shoes lace-up socks

Shine on... Little Edie's childhood diary will be released on Aug 1. Photo: Amazon

"Grey Gardens" fans are going to be pulverized by this latest thing -- but in a good way.

The childhood diary of eccentric style icon Edith Bouvier Beale -- aka Little Edie -- is set to be released in hardcover on Aug. 1, giving an in-depth account of her privileged life long before she and her mother, Edith "Big Edie" Bouvier Beale, became Hamptons recluses, reports Jezebel.

"I Only Mark the Hours That Shine," written in 1929 -- the start of the Great Depression -- follows the wealthy 11-year-old's journey through "the rarefied salons, exclusive clubs, and theatres of New York City and beaches of the Hamptons," according to the book's intro.

Sounds glamorous. But what really caught StyleList's eye was the cover, which reveals that Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis's cousin was already sporting a revolutionary costume not unlike those she donned in the Maysles brothers' cult 1976 documentary.

Perched on a folding chair, the ever-longing little Little Edie wears her signature headscarf chicly tied to the side, along with a flowing white dress accessorized with baubles and bangles, and ballet flats with laces crisscrossing their way up a pair of socks. Brooks would be amazed!

A glimpse inside her diary shows that Little Edie was always close to her mother and spent her money on more than just cat food, corn on the cob, and pints of ice cream.

"I bought some wonderful things, a marvelous tennis racket which was $15.00 but I got it for $10.00, also...some perfume for Mother -- a new kind: you press a button, the metal case opens, and out pops the perfume," the staunch child writes.

"Grey Gardens" fans who want to have their cake, love it, masticate it, and chew it, too, can order "I Only Mark the Hours That Shine" now.

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