Miley Cyrus wearing a $25,000 revealing corseted peacock number in her "Can't Be Tamed" video. Photo courtesy of E!

Sssh! Do you hear that? It's the sound of Miley Cyrus not making headlines with her hooker outfits.

For the past month, the 17-year-old former "Hannah Montana" star has stripped down, felt herself up, and gyrated against women and Justin Bieber (is there a difference?), in an attempt to prove she's all grown up.

But the Disney darling has suddenly gone under cover, which has StyleList wondering if she's realized that her antics and attire make her seem more adult film star than adult.

Cyrus first grabbed our attention, and herself, in last month's "Can't Be Tamed" video, in which she caresses her body in a $25,000 corset and shimmies against a pole -- and the poles of her male backup dancers -- in a black bustier and hot pants. The singer, who portrayed a birdlike creature, said the idea was to show that, "I don't want to be in a cage, I want to be free and do what I love."

And that, apparently, is taking off her clothes.

One month later, she was flashing her bra in Spain (while teetering in 7-inch Christian Louboutin heels), getting racy in Rio in a skimpy black bodysuit, cavorting in a see-through sundress for her new music video, and making Canada say, "Oh!" as she rocked a mesh cut-out leotard and leather short-shorts.

miley cyrus white see-though dress beach video sunglasses

Miley Cyrus frolicking in a see-through white dress for her new video. Photo: Splash News

"It's show biz," celebrity stylist Phillip Bloch, who has worked with Salma Hayek and Sandra Bullock, explains to StyleList.

"Sex sells. [But] is any of it appropriate? Is any of it necessary? I constantly ask the question, When did performance attire become a bathing suit? What happened to the days when you performed in a gown that was slit high and you showed some leg?"

Still, Bloch, whose book "The Shopping Diet" hits stores in August, understands why the young star would choose such scanty stage wear. "When you're humping and bumping and writhing on the dance floor," he says, "what else are you going to wear?"

For her part, Cyrus insists, "I'm not trying to be 'slutty,'" though her outfits clearly didn't get the memo. What the ex Ms. Montana doesn't get is that a barely legal girl grinding in barely there lingerie isn't sexy, it's creepy -- kind of like that YouTube video of the scantily clad 7-year-olds doing Beyoncé's "Single Ladies" dance.

Sure, she's trying to attract an older audience, and she will -- but probably the kind that isn't aloud to step within 50 feet of a playground.

Cyrus -- whose current look is influenced by Joan Jett and Blondie -- admits that she feels "comfortable dressing with a little less" and has "grown into" being sexy, but insists "that's not my schtick. That's not what I'm trying to do to sell records." Yet since her new CD came out, she's done everything but have audiences join her at the gynecologist's office.

If the singer truly wants to gain respect in the industry, she should just let her voice do the talking. Think about it: Twenty-year-old Taylor Swift has managed to win just about every major music award without parading around in her panties.

"Fashion and image are part of the package and it's part of the creativity," says Bloch. "It's how one packages oneself. We're not really selling a product anymore, we're selling the packaging: My packaging says 'I'm Hannah Montana'; now my packaging says 'I'm Sexy.' We put so much emphasis on image. But is the image really everything? I think image is killing so many careers."

miley cyrus bandana black mesh cut-out leotard much music awards performance

Cyrus performed in a black mesh cut-out leotard and leather short-shorts at the 2010 MuchMusic Awards. Photo: George Pimentel, WireImage

It's a fact fellow former Disney star Christina Aguilera seems to be learning the hard way. The vocal powerhouse promoted her new CD, "Bionic," by posing nearly nude and making sexually charged videos, but her music fell on deaf ears, selling a dismal 110,000 in its first week (albums featuring the fully clothed casts of "Glee" and "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" took the top 2 spots, respectively).

Ultimately, however, you can't blame Cyrus for her transition from Girl Next Door to Girl You Don't Take Home to Mama. Family therapist and sister site ParentDish's "AdviceMama" Susan Stiffelman, who has not worked with the star, tells StyleList, "If millions of other 17-year-old girls dressed more demurely, then it could be argued that she's being irresponsible. But the truth is, she's probably not dressing much more provocatively than many of her peers.

"The bigger question is how we, as a society, have gone so far downhill as to make it acceptable for girls as young as 11 or 12 to dress like she's at least 10 years older and heading out for a night on the town."

While Stiffelman acknowledges that it's not Cyrus's job to define what girls should and shouldn't wear, the "Parenting Without Power Struggles" author does add, "I wish she would recognize the opportunity she has to set a tone for dress that's more appropriate and respectable."

Maybe she has. For her June 21 performance at L.A.'s House of Blues, Cyrus actually wore a pair of pants. Sure, they were made of skintight leather and slipped over a bodysuit, but hey, it's a start.

And to think that a back-baring shot in Vanity Fair was scandalous...

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