Supermodel Naomi Campbell shows off a bald spot during her photoshoot with a Mercedes at a gas station in the Meatpacking Distric. Photo: DISCIULLO/

If it's true that stress can make your hair fall out, then supermodel Naomi Campbell must be in desperate need of a vacation. Either that, or she needs to stop wearing the hair extensions that popularized this glam girl's signature look.

When the iconic 40-year-old was on set yesterday during a New York photoshoot for designer Dennis Basso, her stylist accidentally revealed a major bald spot underneath her long wig when he adjusted her apparel.

While it's not clear what caused this hair loss, some speculations point to years of wearing lace front weaves or tight hair extensions, which can lead to traction alopecia, a condition that causes the hair to break from repeated and severe braiding, weaving or extensions. Other causes include tight ponytails, as well as hard brushing.

If this is the case, Campbell wouldn't be the first celebrity to suffer from this type of hair loss in a quest for beauty.

Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Victoria Beckham (who went back to her longer locks just this week) and Alexandra Burke have all reportedly endured similar consequences as a result of their extensions.

The good news for Campbell and other long-hair-seeking-women is this type of hair loss is reversible if caught early.

In the mean time, she could probably rock the bald look quite nicely. Take a look at this model who bared it all!