black veil black and white polka dot flower philip treacy hat road test

Two ladies can't get enough of my Philip Treacy headpiece as they miss the walk light to stare at my topper. Photo: Jolie Novak, AOL

After causing quite a stir with my no-pants road test, I decided to take a stab at another current couture craze -- the avant-garde hat.

So, in other words, this test was more about crazy tops than barely-there bottoms.

Hats! Thank god, was all I could think.

If I was going to look like a total nut, at least this time, all eyes would be up top. (Way up top.)

Lady Gaga once again served as style inspiration. This time, however, it wasn't her lack of pants but her over-the-top head gear that intrigued us.

When Gaga decided to add statement-making hats to her wacky wardrobe, the envelope-pushing fashion maven went straight to the, er, top -- celeb milliner, Philip Treacy.

Hey, if he's good enough for Gaga, I figured he was the man for me. I opted for his small black straw "beano" with dramatic veil detail and a polka-dot silk flower.

Treacy has a great deal of prestige, having designed haute couture hats for the likes of Alexander McQueen, Givenchy, and Chanel.

black veil black and white polka dot flower philip treacy hat road test hotdog stand

Extra ketchup, please. Lunch in NYC on an intern's budget. Photo: Jolie Novak, AOL

Best known for his crazy hat creations for the late Isabella Blow, the over-the-top designer has also concocted pieces for Sarah Jessica Parker.

Gaga was so inspired by Treacy's quirky take on fashion that she applied for an internship with the lauded artist. "She sent her CV [resume]," Treacy spokeswoman, Alessandra Greco, confirmed to StyleList. "She is looking for an internship but we need to see her skills before!"

SJP was the other muse behind our headpiece road test. The queen bee of New York City fashion wore a custom Philip Treacy topper to the London premiere of the first "Sex and the City" movie.

So I channeled my inner SJP, and with the "Alejandro" beat coursing through my body, I hit the New York City streets.

Although donning a funny-looking hat was a lot less uncomfortable than tromping around Manhattan in designer "butt huggers" and mega heels, this road test came with its own degree of awkwardness.

black veil black and white polka dot flower philip treacy hat road test dry cleaners

Just picking up the dry cleaning during my lunch break. Photo: Jolie Novak, AOL

I kept my head held high -- literally! -- in order to keep the bird's nest from tipping over; I felt like I had a Christmas tree ornament attached to a propeller on my noggin and that I might take flight at any time. (The windy day didn't help the situation.)

From the hot dog stand on the corner of 8th Street for lunch to cruising down Broadway to pick up my dry cleaning, and a stop at the local pizza place to grab a pie for my co-workers, I looked ahead as guys raised their brows and women whispered and pointed critically.

One lady made zero attempt to lower her voice as she turned to her friend and said, "Does she think she looks good in that thing?"

Tourists craned their necks from tour buses to take pictures of me, proud that I would be the image they would show their friends, reporting back that, indeed, "New York City is full of the strangest people."

black veil black and white polka dot flower philip treacy hat road test pizza place

Grabbing pizza for my co-workers, as a good intern does. Photo: Jolie Novak, AOL

A couple of men and women shouted "nice hat" and the man at the pizza place said it looked "lovely."

One guy even shouted, "Nice hat and nice head too!," though he wasn't exactly looking at my topper, if you know what I mean.

Although my new headpiece added some height and SJP style to my stance, I wouldn't opt for the topper as an every day accessory.

Maybe I'd wear it for the Kentucky Derby or a celeb-studded affair, but when all was said and done, this accent piece made me feel more doofy than dapper.

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