Tyra Banks. Photo: Getty Images

Is there anything Tyra Banks can't do?

From model to entrepreneur to tv and talkshow host, the 36 year-old is looking to add another title to her resume: web queen.

Banks just announced that she'll launch an online beauty and fashion destination later this year that will offer how-to videos, glitzy mobile applications and personal styling advice from no one other than the fashionista herself.

"I have always been passionate about harnessing my experience and knowledge in the beauty and fashion businesses and creating an engine that would provide my audience with inspirational and instructional content to help them look and feel their best," says Banks.

Demand Media -- a private company who specializes in creating online content that comes bundled in social media platforms -- will work with Banks on creating a site that is highly interactive and entertaining.

That comes as no surprise when you're one of Time Magazine's 100 most influential people in the world, and your company is cleverly called Bankable.

Yes, bankable indeed. We can already see the advertising dollars lining up.

And in another double entendre that would make your high school English teacher proud, Banks' T-Zone Foundation is a mentoring network built to give young girls the confidence and support they need to lead powerful lives.

"T-Zone is a commitment to empower girls to be fierce, focused and in control of their futures," says Banks.

We imagine the new website will only take the girl-power message further.