Madonna Material Girl clothing line Macy's mannequin

Madonna with one of her new "Material Girl" ensembles (complete with bustier). Photo courtesy of Macy's

DESIGNER: Madonna (and her daughter Lourdes Leon)

INSPIRATION: Madge's early days – "Borderline," "Like a Virgin," "Lucky Star," "Papa Don't Preach," with a dash of The Girlie Show

TOP LOOKS: Layers, layers, layers. This collection is meant to be piled on -- a jacket over a bodysuit; a shirt, tank, or bustier with leggings, and so on.

ACCESSORIES: Love the metallic clutch bag/wallet, metallic "Capezio" oxfords, and mini gym bags.

The jewelry is what you'd expect: layered pieces made to mix high (pearls) and low (plastic-y trinkets). All that's missing are those signature stacked black rubber bracelets.

WHAT WE THOUGHT: This is not at all unpredictable. The collection is a mishmash of Madonna's greatest fashion hits from the early years with a smattering of current trends added in.

That said, there's nothing wrong with a little '80s flashback, in StyleList's opinion, as long as it's worn by the right people. (If you wore it back then, take note.)

The prices are right for the junior customer -- $12 to $40 – and Macy's is making a big, big deal about announcing its Material Girl spokesperson at a big event Aug. 3. The collection has all the cues a trendy young woman is looking for – studs, plaid, lace, and more. With racks and racks of items at the preview (and more hitting the store), we'd be surprised if there wasn't something for everyone.

Madonna Material Girl clothing line Macys leather vest floral skirt plaid jacket black shorts

Pieces from Madonna's new Material Girl clothing line. Photos courtesy of Macy's

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