We don't know where to start with this guy. Photo: Getty Images

Guys, you are officially on notice: Put away the "Jersey Shore" tank tops, conceal the man boobs, and don't you dare show up at our beach party wearing sandals with socks.

If you persist in these and other fashion crimes, we may be forced to behave like our UK sisters and max out your credit card Vienna Girardi-style. (For purely altruistic reasons, of course.)

More than 40 percent of the British Isles women polled for the fashion site very.co.uk say they shop for their men to prevent them from making style gaffes. (And maybe they pick up a few goodies for themselves?)

The fashion faux pas that British females so lovingly strive to thwart when purchasing for their male partners? Hawaiian shirts, high-waisted trousers (as in those favored by fellow Brit Simon Cowell), and sandals paired with socks, the Daily Express reports.

And we American girls thought we were the only ones whose worst nightmare is our favorite guy showing up in white socks, square-toed shoes, and Justin Bieber hair.

Other things that make lady Brits cringe? Men who try to look "too trendy" or "too young" for their age. Did you hear that 43-year-old David Schwimmer? How about you, Tom Brady?

What the British ladies do like, according to the poll, is a classic, suited style on their men. Hear, hear! It's no wonder dapper "American Idol" host Ryan Seacrest has been importing his stage look from London's Burberry!

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