Coco Rocha Victoria's Secret PINK collection pink sweatshirt red sweatpants blue sweatshirt leopard print skirt red umbrella

Coco Rocha modeling pieces from the Victoria's Secret PINK collection. Photos courtesy of Victoria's Secret

Lightning-rod model Coco Rocha has signed on as a new face of the Victoria's Secret PINK collection.

Clearly, the lingerie giant appreciates the (relative) curves that have kept Rocha off some catwalks.

"VS PINK is excited to feature Coco Rocha in our Fall Loungewear campaign," a company spokesperson tells StyleList. "It was a pleasure working with her, and we look forward to future opportunities with Coco and VS PINK."

Rocha has repeatedly spoken out about the fraught weight issue in the modeling industry. During New York Fashion Week in February, she told the The New York Times that she was no longer in demand for many shows because she was not thin enough. As a size 4, she insists that her well-being comes first.

Magazines and retailers are all too happy to have what the catwalks are missing. Rocha regularly appears in the major glossies, like Vogue. Just a few weeks ago, Esprit tapped Rocha for its Collection campaign.

She even appeared in an ad for Coca-Cola Light's special bottle designed by Karl Lagerfeld -- and we all know how he feels about fleshy ladies!

Don't get too excited about seeing the candid Canadian in lingerie just yet -- the PINK line is sporty, not sultry, loungewear. Early shots show Rocha covered up in a leopard-print skirt ($29.50) and a pink hoodie ($39.50), available on

Besides, she's likely keeping any merry widows for her new husband!

Meanwhile, be sure to check out the VS Pink Facebook fan page.

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