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It's a fact that hair is most fragile when wet -- that's why every hair stylist advises to give it a post-shower detangle it with a gentle wide-tooth comb instead of your usual brush.

It's also a fact that we routinely subject our hair to damaging heat-styling when our hair is at its weakest.

So, when a blowout is an essential step in your primping routine, what's the solution?

Here's one thing you'll be relieved to hear, "People blame the dryer for so many things and it's undeserved," says Philip Kingsley, a British trichologist, (Which means hair doctor. Yes, they exist.), with offices in London and New York City.

"Blow-drying your hair from soaking wet to damp is no problem, it's when you blow it from damp to dry that the dryer really saps moisture from the hair cells and shaft. It's the last few seconds that do the damage," explains Kingsley.

But, that's the important styling time! Those are the moments that transform our hair from merely dry to glossy and straight.

Kingsley's suggestion? "Stop when hair is just dry. Do not keep going once hair is dry. Over-drying will not help your style to remain intact longer, in fact, long-term, it could potentially be very harmful to your hair."

So that means every time you "refresh" blow-out by going over dry hair with a brush and blow-dryer, you're doing the most damage. Ahh, that's disappointing, since we do that fairly often.

When we asked about Kingsley's clients' biggest summer hair complaint, Kingsley replied: "frizzy and limp hair due to humidity." He went on to explain, "You can only do so much with product, if you coat hair too much, you'll eventually make it very heavy. Silicone, in small amounts can be good to tame frizz, but more is not more. When you use more, it makes limp hair worse."

What's Kingsley's best hair advice?

"Shampoo every day or twice a day in the summer! It's the single most effective way to get shiny, happy hair. Think about how dirty your face is at the end of a summer day -- your hair gets just as dirty, if not more so. Clean hair always looks better than dirty hair."

Suds up, ladies!

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