The Cool Shapes Contouring Shorts. Photo:

You've heard of freezing your ass off.

Now there's a way to do literally do that.

At least that's what one company, FreezeAwayFat, wants you to believe.

With recent research proving that cooling unwanted fat can make it disappear, two sisters at this organization just launched Cool Shapes -- bike shorts with strategically located pockets for, you guessed it, ice packs.


In a press release, the company states that said shorts are an "innovative garment that uses the science of cooling fat to contour and diminish problem areas in the comfort of your own home". They also claim that "wearing these $99.95 shorts for 30 minutes a day will cause your white fat cells to wither and be eliminated".

According to the New York Times, this freezing frenzy apparently began when doctors started offering fat-reducing treatments with Zeltiq, a cooling device that aims to kill white fat cells.

Despite the fact that this process has not been FDA approved, nor have the bike shorts been scientifically proven, the company stands by their cool new shorts, saying that wearing them has helped one sister and 10 other skinny-seeking friends slim down.

Just one question: If you think you've got too much fat around your butt to begin with, why would you want to pad it with bulging ice packs? Just saying. The thought makes panty lines seem so insignificant.

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