Robert Pattinson has great hair. Photo: Getty Images

As fashion-forward and fabulous as we are ladies, sometimes the guys can feel a little left out.

So to pay tribute to them, we scoured the latest Hollywood pics of the hottest guys (it was a tough job, but someone had to do it) to determine just who had the most luscious locks.

Here are our top picks at Stylist for the most "manely" men:

Robert Pattinson: Even after he cut it, there's no denying that this vampire's wavy -- and often messy -- locks are truly delicious.

Zac Efron: Sleek, straight, gelled, spiked -- this 22-year-old looks downright sexy in just about any hairstyle. Is it any wonder that Rolling Stone recently deemed him as "The New American Heartthrob?"

Brad Pitt: Even though we loved his look when he was married to Jennifer Anniston, Pitt is still the epitome of hot with his thick brown locks (although, we could have done without the excessive facial hair, which he just cut off).

Denzel Washington: One of Hollywood's leading men always looks great with his perfectly coiffed 'do.

Keith Urban: If you like the longer shag look (and we do), then you have to love Urban's light brown, layered locks that just add to his down-home, country appeal.

Taylor Lautner: We love the thick black hair of this young Twilight hottie. Why, oh why can't Bella see this?

Gerard Butler: While this Hollywood hunk may be known for his chiseled body, we had to pay homage to his short, sleek strands too. There is nothing ugly about this "Ugly Truth" star!

Kieth Urban flips his mane. Photo: Getty Images

Matthew McConaughey: Previously voted People Magazine's "Sexiest Man Alive" and "Hottest Bachelor", we love, love, love this actor's longer waves (even though he reportedly was seeking hair loss treatment). Oh, and he has a great smile to boot.

Patrick Dempsey: Paging "Dr. McDreamy": Please report to the ER stat -- we need to run our fingers through your thick, dark hair.

Other honorable hair mentions go to Tom Cruise (one of the only men who can still pull off a middle part), Justin Timberlake with his coiled coif and Richard Gere for his oh, so sexy silver strands.

Tell us which Hollywood hunk would you deem worthy as having the best 'do?

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