In anticipation of Independence Day, we asked fashionable folks what style hangup they'd like to declare independence from this July 4th, and solicited expert advice to help them kick the habit.

Elettra Wiedemann. Photo: Getty Images

"Now that I finally have handed in my dissertation and took my last exam, I want to gain independence from stress this summer...The past two years, it has often seemed like stress managed me more than I managed stress." - Elettra Wiedemann

Following in mom Isabella Rossellini's footsteps as a face of Lancôme, the 5'10 brunette is also a biomedicine major at the London School of Economics as well as founder of Just One Frickin Day, a non-profit that raises funds for special charity projects around the world.

No wonder Wiedemann feels over-extended at times. And especially as a model, she needs to take care; stress can wreck havoc on our looks.

"When you feel stressed, your body circulates hormones that interfere with your fresh beautiful look, such as not being able to get to sleep, a facial break-out, or speeding up the aging process. You are also likely to engage in behaviors that take away from your beauty, such as turning to comfort food or not exercising," explains New York stress expert Dr. Sharon Melnick.

OK, so this long holiday weekend, we'll catch up on our zzz's and put down the Krispy Kremes. But moving forward, Dr. Melnick says we also need to learn the art of saying, "no."

"A lot of us stress ourselves out trying to be all things to all people, and saying yes to too many opportunities. Clarity is your best time management tool. Take a step back and declare what and who is most important in your life, at least for right now. Put your efforts into those projects or people so you can feel really proud of your life and you can make the contribution you were here to make," advises Dr. Melnick.

"Review the things you've said are most important on a weekly basis so you don't lose sight of them. Other people will still want to be around you -- even if they have to wait awhile to connect with you -- because by not stretching yourself too thin, you will have a great energy about you," adds Dr. Melnick.

And if it's external forces that are stressing you out -- like rude drivers, cranky children or just a plain ol' bad day -- Dr. Melnick says you need to chill out. Literally.

"Get yourself to be cool, calm and collected with this 'Cooling Breath.' Open your mouth slightly and breathe in a long, slow deep breath. Breathe out through your nose. You should feel a cooling sensation over the top of your tongue, that's good! It means you are detoxifying your liver where frustration accumulates. Do this between 30 to 60 seconds and you will notice you become very centered and can respond with poise," says Dr. Melnick.

If it's tension with a loved one or not-so-loved one that has you fuming, switch the focus from the other person to yourself in order to calm down.

"Instead of trying to change them, focus on your own 50%. Adjust your own expectations so you won't get disappointed by situations or people. Make sure you state what you need clearly, and that you apologize or take responsibility if you have helped make a situation into a conflict. Instead of taking it personally, know their behavior comes from their own motivations and limitations and just always focus on and feel good about being who you want to be in every situation. Remind yourself to always accept the other person's level of evolution, and work on yours!" emphasizes Dr. Melnick.

Now that sounds like advice to live by.

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