NARS fall 2010 ad

Daphne Guinness in the Nars Fall Ad Campaign. Photo: Francois Nars

After collaborating with Francois Nars on his 15x15 project, Daphne Guinness is back for round two with the makeup guru. She will star in the brand's new fall ad campaign.

In an interview with WWD, Nars explained, "I love Daphne - she has incredible style. She fits the image of the brand so well. She's very creative and elegant and is a chameleon. And she really loves makeup - the whole process of it. Any makeup artist dreams of having someone like that as a muse."

"It's kind of strange in life where you meet someone and you get their vision, they get you - it just felt right," Guinness said to WWD about her role in the campaign.

"When I started thinking about colors that meant Daphne to me, purple felt right - and when I tried it on her at the shoot, I immediately knew it needed to be named for her," said Nars. Guinness also wears Mangrove in the ad, a new eye shadow in a yellow-green hue; Douceur blush, a soft pink-brown, and Rouge Basque Lipstick, a "quintessential red" inspired by the French Basque region.

"Daphne's like a painting in this image," said Nars, who used a set of mirrors to reflect Guinness' image from every angle. "Since Daphne was the inspiration for the campaign, I thought, 'Why not have more of her?'"

You can get a sneak peek at the new collection on July 15 on, before it hits stores in August.

In other Nars news, in November, Mr. Nars is planning to open his first freestanding store in New York City, possibly next to longtime friend and collaborator Marc Jacobs' Bleecker Street shop. "I want the store to be special and interactive," he said. "I will do special items which will only be available in the store - palettes, maybe a nail polish called Bleecker Street - and I want to sell DVDs of my favorite movies. Marc may do accessories. It's going to be great."

Nars is also is working on two books - one a book of makeovers of 64 real women ("They're buying the makeup," said Nars) and one on Tahiti, where he owns his own island.