Sexy flight attendants soaping up their airplane and wetting it down with big ol' hoses, wearing nothing but high heels and bikinis? Not to mention using so many phallic images, even Larry Flynt would blush?

Sorry, Russian airlines -- that old sex kitten appeal might be advertising gold for you, but the Flight Attendants Association of Australia says the sexy stewardess cliché is all washed up.

The group, one of Australia's largest trade unions for flight attendants, says an increase in raunchy ad campaigns are "demeaning" and could spur sexual harassment, reports the London Telegraph,

It seems commercials from Russian airlines are among the most offensive to the FAAA.

"This type of provocative advertising using cabin crew in this light is not tolerated in Australia and should not be acceptable anywhere else," Jo Ann Davidson, FAAA secretary, tells The Australian. "Such suggestive advertising portraying cabin crew as part of the product they are selling sends wrong messages and puts cabin crew at risk of sexual harassment and abuse."

Davidson tells the paper she wants the Civil Aviation Section of the International Transport Federation to intervene.

"It's a sad reflection of the attitude of the airline's executives -- dare I say more than likely middle aged males – towards cabin crew, in particular, female cabin crew by portraying them in such a demeaning, distasteful and irrelevant manner," she tells the newspaper.

This isn't the first time sex has been used to sell airline seats. The Australian notes these erotic examples:
  • British airline Ryanair: Calendars featuring topless women in bikinis.
  • Spirit Airlines: New ad referring to the BP oil disaster shows skimpy swimwear-clad, oil-drenched women and the words "Check out the oil on our beaches."
  • Spanish airline Air Comet: Produced nude calendar with staffers.
  • Southwest Airlines: Supermodel Bar Refaeli -- in bikini, of course -- pictured on a plane.
  • Virgin Atlantic: Sexy ad campaign had passengers lusting over sexy female flight attendants.
  • Air New Zealand: Ads have shown staff wearing just body paint.
Talk about your friendly skies. Kinda feels like it's the '60s all over again -- here's how it's done, "Mad Men" style.