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Alessandra Ambrosio. Photo: Getty Images

"My most challenging summer issue is how to keep my skin safe from the harsh summer rays, as I love to be on the beach. I like to always use a body and facial moisturizer with SPF in it for me and my daughter, Anja." - Alessandra Ambrosio

We're not surprised to hear that the Victoria's Secret model can't get enough of romps on the beach (with a bikini body like that, we'd feel the same way.) But the beach-bred Brazilian is right to worry about sun damage, and the mottled spots and sagging skin that unprotected exposure to strong rays can bring.

Fortunately, today's best sunscreens make staying safe super easy. You just need to know what number to go with, and how to apply it correctly.

Guidelines from the American Academy of Dermatology suggest a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 30. "Sunscreens with an SPF greater than 30 do not proportionally block more UVB light, as 97% is already blocked with an SPF 30. The big jump is in sunscreens with a lower SPF," says New York dermatologist Dr. Joshua Zeichner.

As for quantity, hardly anyone applies the right amount to truly get the sunscreen number protection stated on the bottle. A full adult application is about a one ounce shot glass worth, and should be reapplied every two hours if you take a dip in the water or sweat a lot under the sun, says Dr. Zeichner.

It can be more difficult to keep track of kids who are running in and out of the water multiple times, but a new wrist band called the UVSunSense can reveal with a color change when it's definitively time for reapplication. Priced at $6.70 for a pack of seven on, the reusable bracelets are a good bargain that can keep the whole family safe from sunburn.

Some sensitive skins are hopelessly irritated by chemicals like avobenzone that are found in chemical sunscreens. For an itch and bump-free experience, stick with a sunscreen that has physical active ingredients like titanium dioxide or zinc oxide.

Or try Jane Iredale's Powder-Me SPF, which is a paraben and fragrance-free powder sunscreen containing only gentle physical block ingredients. "Tap the sponge against your skin to release the powder, and then blend all over in a massage-like motion," instructs Iredale.

For a round-up of the season's overall best new sunscreens, check out our gallery below. You can find many of our recs for just a few bucks at your local drugstore.