Jared Leto blonde fauxhawk trench jeans white sunglasses sneakers

Jared Leto shows his blond ambition at Dior's haute couture show. Photo: Getty Images

Oh, Jordan Catalano, say it ain't so...

Moptop Brian Krakow would surely have a good laugh over the dramatic blond fauxhawk Jared Leto flaunted at the Dior haute couture show in Paris.

Unfortunately, we feel more like crying.

The actor/musician hit up the Paris runway show in a trench, avant-garde jeans, and superstar shades (eye roll), but it was that peroxide pompadour stacked on his pretty little head that caught our attention.

(And now, a moment of silence for the poor sap stuck sitting behind him. Though, we secretly hope it was last season's blogging blocker, Tavi.)

Should we reach for a hose and knock that bleachy tower off its pedestal, or shrug our shoulders and count ourselves lucky that at least he wasn't wearing guyliner (this time)?

Decisions, decisions.

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