Even the queen wears the same dress twice, though hers gets the royal treatment. Photos: Tim Rooke, Rex USA | Frank Gunn, AFP / Getty Images

Who knew Queen Elizabeth was big on recycling? No, she's not digging through rubbish for empty soda cans and bottles -- she's making her wardrobe serve double duty!

Her Royal Frugalness attended a July 5 banquet in Toronto wearing a slightly altered version of the same tulle lace, sequin, and sea-pearl gown she wore to an event last autumn, reports the Daily Mail.

The regal recycler originally donned the white gown -- which she reportedly describes as "a very useful dress" -- to a state dinner in Trinidad and Tobago. That version was decked out with appliqués of scarlet ibis and cocrico, which sound like Victorian-era diseases but are actually the Caribbean country's state birds, says the newspaper.

For her Toronto engagement, the Queen flipped off the birds, and, perhaps taking a page from Katy Perry's "California Gurls" playbook, had her dresser, Angela Kelly, bedazzle the frock with Swarovski crystals.

The crystals on La Lizzie's dress formed miniature maple leaves, as a tribute to Canada, reports the Daily Mail. (Suddenly she's make statements through her wardrobe, like Lady Gaga!)

We don't know about you, but we kind of like the Queen paying homage to the places she visits via her dress. Does this mean she'll have a six-pack sewn onto her stomach if she visits the Jersey Shore?

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